1 August 2019

Another supplier's support AUGUST ON SPECIAL for all US loin beef
  • US loin beef is our no.1 sales now.
  • Giant size for steak; 350gr for 3/4" and about 500gr for 1"
  • We are confident to say they're equal to wagyu beef marbling 4-5 ensure tenderness, juiciness and so tasty
  • Customers satisfaction GUARANTEED !
Grill recommendation : 
  • The best is MEDIUM. 
  • For those who doesn't like pink steak, US beef steak is the answer. You can grill it up to well done... they're still tender.
  • Grill with :
    • Mix of butter and olive oil, we sell them on this link dairy-fruit-veg
    • Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
    • Or for more taste and different taste sensation, rub with STEAK SPICE, BBQ SPICE RUBS or CAJUN MIX that you can find it on this link herbs-spices-seasoning
​Kind regards,

Goodwins Butchery