We appreciated your time to read this information before asking questions,... it contains all information you need to know. Thank you for your understanding and corporation... HAPPY SHOPPING :)

  1. Final Invoice
  2. Payment
  3. Delivery & Minimum Purchase
  4. Long Distance Delivery options ;
    • Hand-carry to the aircraft
    • Freight forwarder  / Cargo service
    • Cargo estimate costs simulation
  5. Packaging

1. Final Invoice

Once you have completed (checked out) your selections through this online-shopping, please note that the amount indicated on the invoice is only an estimate as your selections need to be weighed first. The Final Invoice will be sent via email, once availability of goods is confirmed and the cuts have been weighed.

  • ​Order contains all ready stock item(s)
    • Received on Monday - Friday on working days ;
      • Between 8am - 2pm, Final Invoice will be emailed on the same day for delivery on the next working day.
      • After 2pm, Final Invoice will be emailed on the next working day (when possible will be emailed on the same day).
    • Received on Saturday ;
      • On Saturday we work for half day 8 - 12 am for administration only, no deliveryHowever, we still can take orders for the ready stock only and help to arrange delivery using Gojek, Conventional Ojek or Gocar at your cost or pickup order from our place.
      • We will prepare your order and email the invoice as soon as we receive your reply before 11am.
    • Received on Sunday or public holidays ;
      • Final Invoice will b​​e emailed on the next working day.
  • Order contains Pre-Order item(s)
    • Final Invoice will be emailed as soon as it's available within 3-7 working days.​

2. Payment

After we send you the FINAL INVOICE via email, we will await your confirmation / reply about the PAYMENT OPTIONS (we do not serve payment with credit card because the amount indicated on the invoice is only an estimate as your selections will need to be weighed).

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Cash On Delivery (COD)

3. Delivery & Minimim Purchase Order

FREE OF CHARGE DELIVERY using our operational vehicles for orders that meets the MINIMUM PURCHASE AMOUNT :

  1. Daily delivery on working days Monday - Friday, ETA 11am - 4pm;
    • Rp.    750,000 and above to South Jakarta
    • Rp. 1,000,000 and above to East, West and Central Jakarta
    • Rp. 1,500,000 and above to North Jakarta, Cengkareng & Depok (we can deliver free of charge for weekly delivery on Wednesday ETA 1-4pm if your minimum purchase amount Rp. 1,000,000. Please place your order 1-2 days in advance)
  2. Weekly delivery (once a week) on working days Monday - Friday, ETA 1 - 4pm
    • Rp. 2,000,000 and above to Sentul and Bogor City, every Thursday
    • Rp. 1,500,000 and above to Serpong, Karawaci and Tangerang City, every Friday
    • Rp. 1,500,000 and above to Bekasi and Cibubur, every Tuesday
  3. No delivery on weekend and public holidays (should you expect for delivery apart of our schedule, you may choose one of the following delivery options below)

DELIVERY AT YOUR COST, for orders that does not meet the minimum purchase amount to each areas above, and or for orders that meets the minimum purchase amount but requested for delivery apart of our delivery time range between 11am - 4pm on working days;

  1. For payment transfer via T-CASH, OVO or Bank Transfer, we will arrange delivery as soon as we receive the fund transfer (account details TBA)
    • For addresses within radius 25km from our place is to use GOJEK service at your cost that you can pay straight to the driver. 
    • For addresses more than radius 25km from our place is to use GOCAR service at your cost  that you can pay straight to the driver (GOJEK does not serve delivery more than 25km) 
  2. For payment mode is Cash On Delivery (COD)
    • This option is only for delivery addresses within radius 20km from our place by using our colleague CONVENTIONAL OJEK service at your cost.
    • Ojek driver can collect the cash payment (cannot do it using GOJEK because they do not serve to collect cash)
  3. Pick up order from our home-shop
    • Acceptable payment mode either cash or transfer.
    • Goodwins Butchery is a home base business with our house as the 'headquarter'.
    • Our address and Google map link as at the bottom of this email. Location has toll road access only couple hundred meters from ANDARA exit. 
    • Don't forget to bring a coolbox / esky to keep the meat cold.​

4. Long distance delivery options
a) Hand-carry to the aircraft
  • The best and easiest way to bring our products outside of Jakarta is by Hand Carry with you on the flight. Also cheaper compares to ship it using freight forwarder / cargo service which requires extra costs for lab-test and quarantine.
  • Ask for help from relatives, fiends or colleagues ; When they're about to fly out of Jakarta, you may ask them to hand-carry your order on their flight. It only cost you some extra luggage. For example Jakarta-Bali is around 25k/kg. From our experiences, so far no trouble to do so within Indonesia or some ASEAN countries because it is not illegal to hand carry food products. Anyhow bad luck at the airport might be just there unpredictable.
  • Placing order ;
    • Place your order with us either using this Online Shop, email or give us a call a couple days prior to your departure from Jakarta so that we can prepare your order in no rush.
    • Please be awared, if your order contains Pre-Order Items might take 3-5 days to get it available.
    • If you order chilled items, please also order frozen items as the frozen items will help to keep the chilled items cold.
  • Payment
    • Cash On Delivery (COD) --- Please get the cash prepared, our delivery staff carry some small change.
    • Bank Transfer --- We will arrange for delivery as soon as we receive the fund (account details TBA)
  • Delivery
    • We will pack your order into the esky right before we deliver to your address.
    • We will deliver your order Free Of Charge (FOC) to an address within Jakarta area on working days Monday - Friday between time range 10am - 4pm using our operational vehicles.
    • Should you expect for delivery time apart of our delivery schedule, please let us know in advance. We can help to arrange Gocar at your cost (using Gojek is not recommended as they are not reliable to carry the styrofoam box).
  • Packaging (please see below point #5)
b) Shipment with Freight Forwarder / Cargo Service
We have colleagues Food Freight Forwarder Service that we have been collaborated with us since 2010, we're 'well-synchronized' with their work flows and very reliable with the best freight cost ever compared to other services; PT. BOS Cargo (Batavia Opas Service) and Stefany Cargo (their details below).
If you have your own freight forwarder / cargo service, please arrange it at your end.
  • Shipment arrangement with freight forwarder (cargo) :
    • You should place the order at least 5-7 days in advance.
    • It takes a day or two for us to prepare your order in no rush especially for big quantity order.
    • It needs good 3-5 working days for the cargo to organize freight documents as processing can sometimes take more time. This is non negotiable, because the courier has to deal with government offices.
  • ​Payment & Costs : Acceptable mode of payment for order using cargo is Bank Transfer only. 
    • Payment will be the combination of 2 costs :
      1. Goodwins Butchery Final Invoice for the meat products, styrofoam and carton box.
      2. Cargo Estimate Costs (please see example at the bottom of this page)
        • Freight cost
        • Dry ice and outter black master plastic
        • Lab test issued by Dinas Kesehatan (Health Department) 
        • Quarantine cost(s) issued by Quarantine Department for each category of the meat items (prices are subject to change) :
          • Quarantine BEEF Rp. 250,000
          • Quarantine LAMB Rp. 250,000
          • Quarantine PORK Rp. 550,000
          • Quarantine SEAFOOD Rp. 250,000

Placing order

  • Day-1, You placed the order ;
    • We will prepare your order and then email the Final Invoice. If your order contains chilled beef, we suggest to also order some frozen items. This way will help to keep the chilled beef cold much longer. ;
      • On the same day if you order are all ready stock items. 
      • On the next 2-5 days if your order contains pre-order item.
    • We will contact the cargo to get the Estimate Freight costs.
  • Day-2 is counted when ; We have prepared all your order items including the pre-order item(s) and when we able to get estimate freight costs from the cargo which we will email to you (this can also be counted as day-3 if you can manage the payment transfer)
  • Day-3 is counted when we have received the payment in our account (account details TBA). We will inform the cargo to apply for shipping documents to be available within 1-3 working days for ;
    • Freight quota from the airline authority
    • Dinas kesehatan (Health Department)
    • Quarantine document
  • Day-4 is counted when shipping documents are all done. We will email the shipment details to you.
    • Cargo will collect the package from our place in the afternoon between 3-4pm then package will be dropped at the Quarantine warehouse in Jl. Gunung Sahari North Jakarta to sit there overnight.
    • Once the packages are collected from our place, we will send another email by attaching pictures taken before and after the carton is/are sealed
    • Goodwins's Delivery Note and your Purchase Order documents will be inside carton No.1​ if your order is more than 1 carton.​
    • Each carton is marked with signs to handle with care, your name, phone number and address on it. In normal circumstances if the package is handled with care / not under direct sunlight etc; frozen or chilled products in our esky will survive to the other side up to 48 hours (with dry ice)
  • Day-5
    • The package will be on queue at the airport awaiting for the scheduled flight to the destination airport, normally it will be scheduled for the earliest / first flight of the day.
    • It will arrive at the destination airport on the same day. Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) is depend on freight and custom processes/clearance and distance of your location from your local airport which normally takes 2-3 hours. For example ;
      • Jakarta-Bali direct flight, 2 hours. 
        • ETA Bali 9am + 3 hours custom clearance = be out of the airport by 12am.
        • Then transported to cargo local office by 1pm.
        • Then will be delivered to your address. You will receive the package around 2-5pm.
      • Jakarta-Timika, 2 flights +/- 10-12 hours including transit time.
        • ETA Timika 4-6pm, package will be sit at the airport overnight.
        • On the next day in the morning, cargo will get the package from the airport to be transported to their local office.
        • Then will be delivered to your address. You will receive the package around midday.
      • Jakarta-Sangata, direct flight from Jakarta-Balikpapan 2.5 hours + land transport Balikpapan-Sangata 7-8 hours. 
        • ETA Balikpapan 10am + 3 hours custom clearance = be out of the airport by 1pm. 
        • Then transported to cargo local office by 2pm, packages have to wait there to be transported on the next day very early in the morning.
        • You will receive the package around 3-5pm.
    • Please inform us the approximate time to travel from your local airport to your place. This is important as we experienced with one of our customer's location only about 150km from the airport but in reality it took about 8 hours to get there because the bad road condition. This case will delay the time of delivery that might cause the frozen meat badly defrosted also will add extra cost by the cargo separately.
​​c) Cargo estimate costs simulation

Mr. Brown's order ;

  • He purchased 20kg of products from Goodwins Butchery to be shipped to Kupang. 
  • His order contains 2 meat categories Beef and Pork. So he has to pay quarantine costs for both meat categories, below is the example.
  • If confused, please give us a call at 08111977711 for English or 08111697071 for bahasa Indonesia

SANGATTA (East Kalimantan) ORDER ;

This is the example of combined orders for 3 persons with total weight around 100kg (fyi, minimum weight for shipment with freight forwarder / cargo service is 20kg)

BOS Cargo (Batavia Opas Service)
Address     : Kampung Kemang-Jl. Damai Rt. 005/04 No. 1 Jatibening Baru Pondok Gede-Bekasi 17412
Phone       : +62218472725
Cell phone : +6282111384476   +6281210127515   +6281316788990  +6287882327148
Email        :
PIC           : Ibu Minuk
PT. Stefany Jaya Sentosa Cargo
Address   : Jl. Gedong Panjang no. 68A, Penjaringan Jakarta Utara 14440
Phone      : +62216690704 +6281297163392
Email        :
PIC           : Ibu Tini
website    :

Please note: Goodwins Butchery DOES NOT take responsibility of any delivery process or troubles that might be happened after the goods have been handed over to the courier; however, we can help to facilitate communications between you and the courier.


5. Packaging

Packaging for items to ship using cargo service or handcarry to the aircraft. Please click on this link PACKAGING

  • Styrofoam cool box (esky), Medium size 35x36x52 cm, weight 0.32kg. Our esky has met Garuda Indonesia standards for carrying frozen/chilled products on aircraft.
  • Carton Box - fitted size to cover the esky to prevent damage during transport. Weight 1.2kg
  • What is inside the esky ?
    • We will put master plastic bag F.O.C inside the esky as the base, this can help to avoid leakage in case the package is tip over.
    • Frozen items will be placed at the bottom of the esky.
    • Chilled items will be placed on top of the frozen items. It will be wrapped with newspaper and sealed.
  • We provide some ice blocks in plastic F.O.C to go with it by place them on the side and couple of them on top of the chilled products (We do not provide dry ice as any carriage of dry ice on aircraft requires legal documents and official permission which we do not have)
  • We will close the esky and tightly seal it as if nothing can break it except tsunami.
  • The last step is; the esky will be placed in a fitted carton box as per airline regulations to avoid damage (we use gudang garam box which has been a favourite box to go in the aircraft)
  • Each carton will be marked with signs to handle with care and your name, phone number and address on it.
  • In normal circumstances (if the package is handled with care / not under direct sunlight etc); frozen or chilled products in our esky will survive to the other side up to 36 hours, the sooner it gets there the better.
  • As soon as it get to destination;
    • Please unpacked and place it straight to the chiller or freezer immediately without any delay !
    • For the chilled beef loin cuts, please pay extra attention by refer to this link About our BEEF