About us

​​​​GOODWINS BUTCHERY established in 2008; a home based family business much like most business models we have here in Indonesia, specializes in home delivery of most meats and associated products including home-made quality products supplied by those who are good in their fields.

We provide great service with "personal touch of a friendly butcher" the kind you may find in small villages and towns in most western countries but this one of course through all the channels of modern media. We are easy to reach and contact and are here to fulfill your special and individual needs. Whilst we do mostly service the Jakarta metropolitan area, we also cater to the needs of those living outside this concrete jungle all the way to remote areas in the green jungle.

We recognized some years ago that whilst we had a range of delicious meats on our table, the vast majority of discerning consumers found it very difficult to purchase these products at a reasonable value. We then started the business because we have access to get any kind of meats, knew the products, trusted ourselves and the demand we felt was there.
A lifetime of work in the red meat industry gives us the experience to source the products, handling and hygienically process it; age, portion and pack best quality and value for money and do so with knowledge, care and love. This in depth knowledge of the industry allows us to access items that are difficult or impossible to find and support any special demands that you may have. We listen and can respond to our customers needs.

We stay competitive by working directly with our suppliers and we are certain that we provide the best value for money. You will be hard pressed to find similar quality and service anywhere else as our success and reputation is recognized not thru a 5 star shiny butcher shop but thru word of mouth from our valued loyal customers.

Our name is well recognized within the expatriate and some local community of Jakarta who experienced and understand what quality meat is about. We are pleased to provide our quality service and products to more than 1,000 households who trust us regularly with their meaty needs.

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