How to order

  1. ​​Select your order from :
    • KEYWORDS, it is located at the upper right page.
    • BRAND NAME by click on this link Brand
  2. There are 2 types of price charge :
    1. Per PACK / PIECE
    2. Per KILOGRAM --- For products charged on a per KILOGRAM basis can sometimes be confusing for some customers, therefore please read this information carefully, for example:
      1. BEEF WHOLE CUT weight 5 kg/pack.
        • The weight indicated for the products are set as their average weight, which is 5kg. 
        • The website system DOES NOT RECOGNIZE DECIMAL, therefore products with weights in decimals have been specified with the closest indicative weight.
        • Total amount shown is NOT FINAL AMOUNT, that's the closest total amount because due to the nature of our products the weights can and do vary. Final amount will be advised by email once we’ve weighed the products on order
        • If your fill 'Quantity order' less than the indicated weight for example 3 or 4, the system will not proceed with your order. There will be a warning with a pink background at the top of the product page. So you need to order at least the indicated amount that has been set for the average weight or if you want more then just click on the multiple quantity. If you want 1 whole cut of beef weight 5kg, leave the quantity order as 5. If you want 3 pcs, simply change the quantity by multiply by 3 pcs x 5kg = 15kg. (please see the simulation below)
      2. For the products that are charged per KILOGRAM but weight per pack/tray is less than 1kg, for example on product page BBQ SAUSAGES price is Rp. 110,000 the weight +/- 800 gr/tray.
        • You must click on 'Available Options' that set as 800gr for the system to calculate your order.
        • Select the quantity as to how many trays you wish then click 'Add to cart' (please see the simulation below)
        • When you 'View shopping cart' located at the upper right corner of page, the unit price is automatically changed to Rp. 88,000 for a 800gr tray of sausages. If you choose 3 trays it will become Rp. 264,000 (please see the simulation below)
  3. Follow all the steps and you will have successfully entered your order and can proceed to 'final check out' by click on your 'SHOPPING CART' at the right top of the page.
  4. SIGN UP for the new account