Nikmat sausage AUSSIE BBQ Soejasch Bali Halal frozen 6" 15cm 4pcs 320g

Brand: Nikmat Delicatessen Bali
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Our homemade utube video for this Soejasch Bali products

PT. SOEJASCH BALI  has been established for more than 30 years. We specialize in authentic German sausages, ham and cured meat. The Company was the first in Indonesia to market high-quality, locally-made cured meat products with international standards. The Company has established its own niche of vending trade routes throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.

  • THE COMPANY : PT. SOEJASCH BALI is recognized as the leader in introducing new and innovative, quality food products to the market. Through close customer contact and excellent relationships, the Company strives to meet the needs of its customers. Production is supervised under our own experienced Master Butcher from Germany that ensures we maintain a managed, quality production. We use the best equipment to make our products and follow a well-defined principle of “NO COMPROMISE ON SAFETY AND QUALITY”  , which led us to proudly achieving a Halal Certification from the strict policy of MUI and a Certification for food and safety.  
  • THE PRODUCT : PT. SOEJASCH BALI has four product lines, each serving various markets in Indonesia. The company product lines, which include a wide range selection of sausages, hams, and cured meat are:
    • MAMA’s – provides non-halal meat selections
    • NIKMAT – offers halal meat selections
    • CATER – a suitable option for local vendors
    • CHEF’s- provides  fine quality, competitive grade meat products


STORAGE : Keep frozen -18°C, cook immediately a maximum of 2 days after thawing.

BEFORE COOKING : The best way to defrost frozen meat is to slowly place them in the chiller (fridge) overnight. Before grilling / cooking, take them out of the fridge till fully defrosted, having reached room temperature or not cold anymore (keep them in the packaging bag to prevent dryness at the surface and to keep naughty flies and geckos away.


  • Steak cuts 2-3 hours
  • Whole cut meat 3-5kg 4-8 hours
  • Lamb carcass 13-15 kg need a good whole day.

DEFROSTING MEAT WITH A MICROWAVE IS NOT RECOMMENDED! Why? because microwaving the frozen meat actually makes it partly cooked especially at the surface and you will lose the juice. For fast defrosting; without removing from the plastic, soak the meat in cold water or rinse it under running water until it is completely thawed. Cook immediately after melting completely.

DO NOT REFREEZE DEFROSTED MEAT! Why? If it thaws and refreezes, this will be compromised and molds will grow on it which are harmless although it's not a good look and tastes no good.

HOW LONG CAN WE KEEP FROZEN MEAT AND STILL BE EDIBLE? If constantly below -18 C, years! But better to cook it as soon as possible, maximum a month from the purchase. If the meat vacuumed plastic is torn frozen meat in the freezer they tend to get freezer burnt, will form ice on the surface and break the meat fibers this will cause dryness.