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4 August 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

August is coming again, 1 year passed unnoticed, especially since c19.
While awaiting this virus storm to pass, we can stay healthy by consuming healthy food.
We now stock up some BASMATI RICE well-known containing LOW G.I (Glycemic Index) suitable for diabetic patients or to lose weight also the famous BERAS SUMO that claims to be similar to the Japanese sushi rice, all direct supplied from the main distributor ensure freshness.
We put them as ON SPECIAL page for the month on this link

  • India & Pakistan BASMATI RICE
  • Beras pulen SUMO MERAH
  • Chilean Atlantic salmon fillet and bone-in
  • SoGood Food chicken
  • Blue Ribbon US beef backrib & shortrib
  • Australian lamb shank
  • Canada McCain french fries
  • Pacific Catch freshly frozen seafood & #cookeasy package

Kind regards,

Goodwins Butchery