20 February 2020
Dear Valued Customers especially the smoked salmon lovers, 
We have good and not too good news for you.
Not too good news first :
We do not have smoked salmon in stock lately. 
They're hard to get because of our importers got some difficulties with the IMPORT QUOTA.
Yes that is a funny policy to put quota on items that our Indonesian fishermen cannot produce, but who dare to complaint ? 
Good news :
We Goodwins Butchery can do substitution of the smoked salmon with the Homemade Salmon Gravlax Nordic recipe. Available on this link https://www.goodwinsbutchery.com/Seafood
We used to make this and and can never get enough of it. You will understand what we are talking about as soon as you try it. 
  • Salmon gravlax has similar taste and texture as smoked salmon, only minus smoky sensation. But the good thing is our salmon gravlax is fresh and very Nordic recipe, no crazy chemical added as we will homemade it with the finest ingredients as possible, hygienic and with LOVE :) 
  • Please find our video on this youtube link https://youtu.be/9xsXPgDw6rA
  • We have done the sampling that we sent to our nearby salmon lovers customers, it turns wonderful with positive feedback.
  • For the start we'll make it once a week as PREORDER to be placed latest on Monday with minimum order 6 fillets x 200gr = +/- 1.2 kg (3 x 2 fillets vacuumed pack together)
  • We will produce every Wednesday to be delivered to you on the same day or Thursday as chilled. By the time when we can get enough quantity orders we might produce it every working days.
  • The salmon gravlax will be ready to eat or properly infused with the ingredients for Friday n weekend or after 48 hours from packing date and time. We will provide a little printed note for the information of production and ready to eat date and time, ingredients and how to handle as the attached screenshot.
  • This salmon gravlax is one of the delicious protein source for those who are into keto life style.
Kind regards,

13 February 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

For tomorrow DAY OF LOVE - The Valentine's day, we are doing these 2 fine items as ON SPECIAL.
Perfect for a family fine home dining this weekend. Here is the link ON SPECIAL
US BEEF CHOICE, good marbling equals to wagyu beef mbs 4-5
  1. US beef tenderloin / fillet :
    • They're pretty big weighing 3 - 3.5 kg, length 17-20 inch and diameter 3-5"
    • With that size, it can be cut with bandsaw become steaks 1.25" weighing +/- 230 gr/steak, quantity 12-14 steaks + 2 edge cuts as the picture attached.
  2. US beef T-Bone steak 1", +/-650gr
  3. US beef T-Bone CLUB steak 1", +/- 500gr
 ​Happy Valentine's day ! 

10 February 2020


Please be informed that handcarry meat products by Garuda Indonesia airlines is FORBIDDEN since October 2019. As informed by our customers so far these 2 airlines CITYLINK and LIONAIR are okay for meat products handcarry. However before book your ticket please check with the airline to ensure no problem for handcarry meat products.

Goodwins Butchery