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2 July 2020

Dear Valued Customers,
Hope this finds you and love ones are well and safe.
Sirloin beef
We got some lovely Australian sirloin from Harvey beef aged-frozen but special edition with gorgeous marbling like wagyu beef as you can see from the attached images I just took the pictures this morning... must try! We put them as ON SPECIAL together with more new supporting items as an introduction on this link 
Cooked mixed beef & lamb powder for dog food
We have heaps of meat powder from our meat cutting production with bandsaw that is too much now for our dogs. They're too fat and on a strict diet :)
We put them up for sale as the price of peanuts, just the hassle cost of processing it. Here on this link
Let's support OJol (Ojek Online)
For orders with weight less than 7kg or 1 small box, we encourage you to choose a delivery by OJol as the support to our colleague OJol drivers.
May this new-normal which is not normal at all can be over soon, amen 
Kind regards,

Goodwins Butchery