For SMALL ORDERS & SAMEDAY DELIVERY, Goodwins Butchery is available on TOKOPEDIA

22 March 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

Goodwins Butchery is NOT closed, we remain open for business as we always have been. 
We are standing tall to continue to service and supply our customers now through this difficult time and beyond till our last drop of blood.
In the case that we have to close, you will hear it from me and me only!
As you might know; essential businesses are inundated with orders, so is ours.
Please bear with us if there are delays in sending you Final Invoice or the delivery.
We will process orders base on first come first served.
Some items may not be available due to technical issues such as custom clearance delays at the port or delivery trucks stuck in the gutter ... that is normal. But this time it’s coupled with the tight production schedule due to high demand, we are doing our best to catch up.

Payment mode; time to do CASHLESS via bank or e-money transfer as it's easy and surely VIRUS-FREE. 
However we are pretty flexible, CASH/TUNAI payment still oke lha but please place in a sealed envelope with the exact amount or UANG PAS, as we no longer provide our drivers with changes.

Remember we were the 1st home delivery for quality beef in Jakarta and we are here to stay. 

15 March 2020

Dear Valued Customers, 
Meat supply is still okay during this period of covid19. 
We have great supplies and our supply chain is solid. 
Please just purchase the quantity reasonably and as normal. 
No need to panic,... please consider other people too.
That covid19 is everybody's enemy
We fight it together, ... not fight each other.

Goodwins Butchery