25 September 2018 - INFO

  • Rare deal WAGYU SIRLOIN KILLARA Australia by Elders for 380k/kg only, was 550/kg.
    • They're beautifully well-aged with generous marbling. 
    • Awesomely tender, juicy and delicious,... must try !
    • Available in steak 3/4 & 1 inch, 1.5 kilo family size roast and 6kg whole cuts.
    • You might stock it as we do not have it much, only 100kg. 
    • Please check on these link KILLARA AUSTRALIA WAGYU
    • Fyi, when we do items on special is not because its bad but good deal from our suppliers.
  • Now we have slicer machine that we can custom slice the boneless meat right before we deliver to your door. For Yakiniku, Shabu2, Teriyaki, Hot-Pot or quick stir frying (halal items only) MEAT TO SLICE
    • We put it back on our website as pre-order item for party or special occasions.
    • Available in 2 marbling scores; up to 5 and 6 plus
    • Minimum order a carton of 1-2 slabs, weighing 5-15 kg/carton
      • Prime cuts ; the ribeye, sirloin and tenderloin are pretty high in price coz they are wagyus.
      • Secondary cuts are reasonable prices, not much different than normal beef price. Marbling are vividly seen on rump, blade, brisket and silverside.
  • And do not miss our SEPTEMBER ON SPECIAL which will last in few more days and pardon us we have to raise some prices as everything is tend going up lately, blame it on the currency exchange rate? 
Happy a lovely day,... stay happy and healthy !
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