11 October 2018 - INFO

Dear Valued Customers,
This week we put more items on our website.
  • US imported beef
    • Sirloin Angus CAB (Certified Angus Beef)
      • It has almost similar marbling that could be as substitute for the sirloin wagyu Killara which are not much left in stock.
      • Available as whole cut, small roast and steak cuts 3/4 - 1 inch thick.
    • Other cuts CHOICE-US beef (hanging-tender, chuck, blade & rib fingers) 
      • These are beef secondary cuts but I can assure the quality of the beef is very good by refer to the marbling as you can see on each item's pictures.
      • Price is also good, not crazy expensive.
      • Could use these items for :
        • Beef stroganof, casserole or curry by cut them into cubes. Generous layers of good fat and marbling helps to make it tender without cooking for too long.
        • Quick stirfry or oriental style bbq/grill by slice them thinly (we have option to get it slice on each item)
  • Fancy for Korean/Japanese style grill/bbq ? Now we have these beef cuts/slices in stock ready to cook, no more slicing hassle... 
    • Super thin steak cuts 3/8 (1cm) available on Ribeye and Sirloin :
      • Its for bulgogi / sukiyaki quick grill 40-60 seconds on each side, medium heat.
      • Vacuumed packed @250gr by adding layer of plastic in between steak.
    • Sliced boneless meat --- to be sliced before we deliver your order. Available for :
      • Beef : ribeye, sirloin, blade, brisket, shank, chuck and hanging tender.
      • Lamb : leg and shoulder boneless.
  • More Supporting Items --- Premium quality products with wholesale price as we get supply direct from main distributors.
    • Butter, cheese, cream, jam/spread, juice, fruit & veg
    • French fries, pastry & pies
    • Pesto, Sauce, pasta & noodles
    • Many choices of cooking oil (olive, sunflower, canola and corn oil), vinegar and cooking wine
Have a lovely Thursday !
Kind regards,

Goodwins Butchery