22 September 2018 - INFO

  • Small chilled ribeye
    • Just now, we have some small beautiful aged chilled Harvey ribeye @2 kg in stock. Perfect for small family roast and it's on special this month 270k/kg only, please click on this LINK 
    • Should you want bigger one @4kg, we also have it (also on special). Please click on this link chilled Harvey ribeye @4 - 4.5 kg
    • In addition to it :
      • I've revised our website by adding 'cutting options' on chilled beef items with a dash of cutting cost.
      • Simply click on options as the attached example image... (I should have known this years ago, but cannot blame me not an IT :)
  • We've added more supporting items with premium quality products that every kitchen should have, and we'll add some more. Please click on this link SUPPORTING ITEMS
  • Coming soon : sliced boneless meat for yakiniku, shabu2, hotpot, teriyaki or quick stirfry

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