INFORMATION  10 January 2019

Dear Valued Customers,

Goodwins Butchery's 'troops' are all on position ready to serve you.

This first month of year 2019 some items are not available because the production is still not fully implemented post long holidays.
Hopefully we will have complete items in stock on week 3 of January.

For now, we only got a good deal for ON SPECIAL theTeys Australian imported RIBEYE LIP-ON.
Please click on this link 

  • Chilled whole cut @5kg
  • Frozen steaks (1, 3/4 and 1/2 inch thick)
  • Frozen family size roast @ 1kg

We will try to get more item for ON SPECIAL next week. 

Kind regards,
Yenny & Anatia

Goodwins Butchery