Beef Sirloin Australia aged-frozen STEER young cattle (Striploin / New York Strip / Has Luar) roast cuts 4-5" +/- 1.3kg/pc price/kg - brand either Harvey, Midfield or Teys

Brand: Australia imported beef
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Rp 393.000,-

BEEF STEER, also called BULLOCK, young neutered male cattle aged 2-3 years primarily raised for quality beef with lighter meat colour & ensure tenderness

Our homemade youtube video for this item:


  • WHOLE CUTS : original cryovac vacuumed plastic bag as pictures, never been opened
  • PORTIONED CUTS 1kg+ : cling-wrapped and re-vacuumed plastic pack
    • 3/4" and up : individually vacuumed plastic pack
    • 3/8" : individually cling-wrapped then vacuumed plastic pack all together 2-3 pcs/pack
  • SLICED : vacuumed platic pack separates with plastic layers +/- 500 gr/pack

THIS IS BEEF LOIN / PRIME CUT FOR STEAK OR ROAST, please do not cook it for long hours become rendang or curry yah (beef cuts for stew / long hours cooking to get it tender i.e casserole, slow cooker, curry, soup, jerky, rendang, gulai, opor, soto, rawon, dendeng, or empal just use the cheaper cuts which is the SECONDARY CUTS; blade, brisket, chuck, knuckle, shank, silverside or short plate).

There are 3 PRIME / LOIN cuts of meat, namely SIRLOIN (striploin / porterhouse / new york strip), TENDERLOIN (fillet mignon / eye fillet) and RIBEYE (cuberoll / scotch fillet). Some people also include RUMP as loin, so do we. US BEEF LOIN / PRIME CUTS equals to wagyu beef marbling 3-4 as you can see they have marbling (intramuscular fat, more info please read below)


  • Mostly well known branded imported brands from Australia, USA, New Zealand, Brazil and Spain (we never sell non-brand meat products). The only local beef brand is the TOKUSEN WAGYU BEEF but they're world class quality, managed by the famous beef & cattle company the SANTORI BEEF part of the JAPFA giant companies as you can browse on their website.
  • All HALAL CERTIFIED, processed humanely, with ISO numbers etc (printed on the carton box)
  • Meat products we supply are FAST MOVING with good turnover, we are receiving fresh supply regularly and directly from the main suppliers, manufacturers or importers. We have been doing this for years and have built our business on honesty.
  • We do our own cutting production with modern machines hygienically to cut the whole meat cuts into portions (small cuts). For example a whole cut ribeye weight 4.5kg will be portioned cut to become 1/3 roast @1.5kg, steak cuts 1, 3/4 and 3/8 inch all are re-vacuum packed. Also we do meat slicing with a slicer machine. Our portioned meat cuts are for 1 week stock to ensure our customers will get the freshest cuts as possible. 
  • We weigh our meat using a digital scale made in Japan, which we always review regularly. If there is a difference between your scale and ours, please do not judge us immediately. Please check your scale first.
  • As for the price, we stay competitive by working directly with our suppliers and we are certain that we provide the best value for money. You will be hard pressed to find similar quality and service anywhere else as our success and reputation is recognized not through a 5 star shiny butcher shop but WORD OF MOUTH from our valued loyal customers. Our name is well recognized within the expatriate and local community of Jakarta who experienced and understand what quality meat is about. We are pleased to provide our quality service and products to more than 1,000 households who trust us regularly with their meaty needs... So if you are a new customer, there's nothing to be afraid of deciding to buy meat products from us. Goodwind Butchery is a proper meat shop, not ECE-ECE, said the locals :)

How to handle frozen meat?
Defrost slowly in the chiller / fridge over night, leave it in its plastic pack.Before grilling / cooking, take them out of the fridge till fully defrosted, having reached room temperature or not cold anymore (please keep them in the packaging bag to prevent dryness at the surface and to keep naughty flies and geckos away :)

Average time needed to fully defrosted frozen meat having reach room temperature / not cold anymore
Steak cuts, 2-3 hours
Whole cut meat 2-3 kg, need at least 4-5 hours
Whole cut meat 4-5 kg, need at least 7-8 hours
Whole cut meat weight 6-8 kg, need at least 8-10 hours 
Lamb carcass 13-15 kg, need a good whole day

Defrosting meat with a microwave is not recommended! 
Why? because microwaving the frozen meat actually makes it partly cooked especially at the surface and you will lose the juice. 

Do not refreeze defrosted meat!
Why? If it thaws and refreezes, this will be compromised and molds will grow on it which are harmless although it's not a good look and tastes no good.

How long can we keep frozen meat and still edible?
If constantly below -18 C, years! But better to cook it as soon as possible, maximum a month from the purchase. If the meat vacuumed plastic is torn frozen meat in the freezer they tend to get freezer burnt, will form ice on the surface and break the meat fibers this will cause dryness.

Demand to obtain whole meat cut with less or more fat
The whole meat cuts that you order will be sent in the original plastic packaging (we have never opened it).
Pardon us, we can't accommodate this request as we can't tell which one has more or less fat in it until the meat is cut.
Meat is a natural product with different sizes, shapes, colours and fat content as you can see from the real photos and some with our homemade youtube videos. You can see what's inside from the photos or youtube videos of its portioned cuts for roast or steak.