About our BEEF

​All of our beef comes from famous branded imported from Australia, New Zealand and the US and some from local brands that use young live cattle imported from Australia, fattened and processed in Indonesia, produced and managed by Australia PMA company Kooyong beef by PT. Elders Indonesia, please see below.


Our Chilled Beef Whole Cuts --- Sirloin, Tenderloin, Ribeye and Rump (prime cuts)

  • Those cuts are for steak or roast.
  • Branded Australia imported beef loin cuts with marked as beef "S" which mean comes STEER or young cattle aged maximum 2 years old (this ensures tenderness)
  • Packed securely in original CRYOVAC vacuum plastic bags with their own label inside the bag or sticker on top of the bag.
  • They're not re-frozen nor re-packed. We are well-known trustworthy in this division, no lies! as we've been supplying beef since 2008.
  • When we supply these cuts, they are already 'aged'. This means, the beef has spent a certain period of time in a chiller at temperatures -1 to 2 degrees Celsius. Aging beef increases its tenderness and improves its taste, providing a stronger flavour.

Our aged beef processes

  1. Wet-aged :
    • Most of our aged beef process are wet-aged for Sirloin, Ribeye, Tenderloin and Rump.
    • This process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the type and cut of the meat, as well as the desired end flavour and tenderness.
    • We are experienced in handling the product and do so with knowledge, care and love.
  2. Dry-aged :

How to handle chilled beef loin cuts :
  • Before we deliver beef loin cuts to you; We will inform via email about their Pack On Date (POD) either they're well-aged or under-aged. POD information is CRUCIAL !!! This way is to ensure that you could handle them on the right way.
    • When its well-aged --- That's the perfect time to cook it​ as all the good thing is on this date; tender, tasty, colour still bright and smell just right / not too strong.​
    • When its under-aged --- If desperado it should be okay to cook but for better result you need to get it well-aged by leave them in the current packaging in the Fridge, not the freezer for few more days. 
  • When you receive the chilled loin cuts;
    • Place it quickly in the coldest fridge you have, do not delay!
    • If you are not there to receive the chilled beef, please arrange for someone to receive it and explain to them to put it straight to the fridge, not freezer! Because many people do not know how to handle this kind of beef nor know or care a less about the difference between a freezer and a fridge. You don't wanna come home to your gorgeous chilled loin beef frozen down hard! However, our delivery person usually will advise them to place the chilled beef in the fridge and not the freezer.
    • The beef should sit in the fridge at a constant temperature -1 to 2 degrees Celsius
      • Do not open the fridge too often, this way will shorten the beef self-life
      • If you have 2 refrigerators choose the one which is not opened frequently.
      • Do not place trays of food or heavy things on top of your beef – this will squash it and juices may be lost or worse you may puncture the bag.
  • How long to keep chilled beef loin cuts when they're already well-aged?
    • Maximum 6 weeks from POD by leave it in the current packaging in the Fridge (Fyi, on paper maximum 10 weeks from POD but this can only be done by the professional by leave them in a walking chiller under a tight management rules)
    • Please check the bag daily to ensure there is no leakage of blood or air / bubbles in the bag or the vacuumed plastic is loose. Those are indications that your beef needs to be dealt with # recommendation. Please refer to How to cut well-aged whole chilled beef loin cuts become steaks below... or better still that's the time to fire up the BBQ! As you might know that well-handled, well-aged chilled beef that never been frozen before always taste better than one that has been frozen.
    • If you keep it chilled longer than our recommendation it will be over-aged with stronger smell and the meat colour will be too dark and worst of all it could be ​​off.

How to cut well-aged whole chilled beef loin cuts become steaks :
  • Take the beef out of the plastic bag. Please be aware that well-aged beef brings out great qualities but it does affect the colour and smell of the beef when the bag is opened. It goes away after a few minutes.
  • Rinse off the juice / blood with water, filtered or drinkable water is recommended.
  • Use quality sharp knife with the length longer than diameter of the beef (using dull and or short knife is difficult plus will leave cuts on the beef also looks no good)
  • Perfect cut is by cut it with a single move, this way the cut won't leave any trims.
  • After you cut it;
    • Grill the steaks straight away! As you might know that well-handled, well-aged chilled beef that never been frozen before always taste better than one that has been frozen. 
    • You may keep some of them in the fridge as chilled for maximum 2 days.
    • The rest of the steaks that you will not cook within 2 days from cutting should be frozen immediately right after cutting, do not delay!
  • To make life easy; when you purchase a whole cut chilled meat from us, we can help to cut it in portions for you as we have proper butcher's knife and vacuum machine with extra costs Rp. 10,000 per kilogram). Example; a whole ribeye, cut half for roast and the rest cut as steak 1 or 3/4" thick.
    • We will cut it right before it deliver to you, so when you receive them they're still fresh cuts.
    • We'll pack them individually with vacuum machine then will deliver it straight away as chilled including the side cuts and trimmings.
    • Please note :
      • The total weight of the beef will be less after cutting. The lost weight are as juice/blood, some fat or bad trimmings and plastic bag.
      • As the steaks are vacuumed pack while it chilled, steak shape will be a bit squeezed as the result of the vacuum machine sucks the air from the plastic. So please do not panic or complain to us... that's okay :)

Our Steak and Family Size Roast Beef --- Sirloin, Tenderloin, Ribeye and Rump
  • They're frozen.
  • Comes from processed chilled well-aged whole loin beef cuts.
  • We processed them in hygienic ways as we h​​ave implemented all the HEALTH & SAFETY regulations;
    • Taking the beef out from its original CRYOVAC vacuum plastic bag.
    • Rinsing off the juice / blood with filtered water (our water filter is provided by YUKI and it is their claim that YUKI filters prov​​ide water that can be drunk directly without needing to boil it)
    • Wrapping the beef in cling wrap neatly and tightly before freezing it.
    • Once it is fully frozen we cut it into steaks or family size roasts using a band saw, individually vacuum pack it and then freeze straight away.

Our Secondary Beef Cuts --- Blade, Silverside, Brisket, Knuckle/Round, Shank, Top side, Flank, Ribs/Bones, Oxtail etc
  • They're frozen all the way from our suppliers.
  • Sealed in their original vacuumed plastic bag (we do not re-packed them).

H​ow to handle FROZEN MEAT

  • Defrost slowly in the chiller / fridge over night by leave it in its plastic pack.
  • Before grilling / cooking (depend on the size of the meat) take them out of the fridge till fully defrosted or having reached room temperature.
  • Frozen meat to be fully defrosted should sit at room temperature ;
    • Beef steak cuts, +/- 2 hours
    • Beef whole cut weight 2-3 kg, +/- 4-5 hours.
    • Beef whole cut weight 4-5 kg, +/- 7-8 hours.
    • Lamb or mutton carcass weight 10-12 kg, need a good whole day.
  • Defrosting with microwave is NOT recommended
  • How long can we keep beef frozen and still be edible? If constantly below -18 C,  years! However we recommend to cook it maximum within 3 months.
  • If it thaws and re-freezes, this will be compromised and molds will grow on it which are harmless although its not a good look.

About Kooyong Beef by PT. Elders Indonesia
  • Australia imported cattle
  • Typically cattle are fed for an average of 90 days on a range of commodities which mostly are by-products of other food industries; i.e. Copra, Palm Kernel Cake, Rice Bran, Tapioca waste and Corn Chop.
  • Processed in a modern abattoirs; Equipped with modern food processing equipment and modern food processing practices and procedures.
  • Cattle are processed humanely. They are stunned prior to being slaughtered. This process has been endorsed by MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) which guarantees its HALAL status. In this way we also guarantee that cattle are treated humanely according to internationally recognized standards.
  • HALAL certificate from MUI
  • Maximum age of the cattle is 2 years (this ensures tenderness)