Induction stainless steel non-stick pan 28x5.5cm weight 1.4kg

Brand: Random brands (imported quality)
Product Code: 11146
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Rp 425.000,-
  • This skillet is produced for the USA market, with random / no brand name but the quality is equivalent to US brands such as World Kitchen, Martha Stewart, Demeyere which cost a lot more than what we offer. 
  • We get export goods at affordable prices, produced by a factory that makes pots for the above brands.   
  • Frying pan with the main advantages of the bottom layer which has a bonding of 3 layers of stainless steel and aluminum. 
  • Inside it is coated with non-stick ceramic. This anti-stick coating is imported from the Dupont company from the USA. 
  • This skillet can be used for induction cookers, fire stoves, and electric stoves. Also equipped with a thick glass lid with a durable and sturdy trade handle.
  • Dimension
    • Diameter 28cm
    • Height 5.5cm
    • Weight 1.4kg
  • Packaging plastic bag with bubble wrap, no box
  • Before first use : 
    • Wash in warm soapy water, dry immediately.
  • When cooking :
    • Use medium to low heat, high heat may damage or discolor cookware and continual overheating or uncovered cooking may cause food to burn.
    • Pot holders are recommended when moving or lifting hot cookware.
    • To minimize sudden changes in temperature that can cause cookware to warp, always heat gradually and never pour cold liquid into a hot pan.
  • Easy clean up :
    • Not dishwasher / broiler safe
    • Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately with soft cloth.
    • Remove burnt-on foods by soaking for a few minutes.
    • Never use steel wood or scouring powder on pots as these may scratch the surface.
    • If scrubbing is necessary, use a nylon pad with warm soapy water or shiny cooper interior or to remove a tarnish / darkening, use any cooper cleanser.
    • Any hard water or brown/blue spots from excessive heat will not effect cookware performance.