Handcarry to the aircraft


IMPORTANT !!! UPDATE February 2020

Please be informed that handcarry meat products by Garuda Indonesia airlines is FORBIDDEN since October 2019. As informed by our customers so far these 2 airlines CITYLINK and LIONAIR are okay for meat products handcarry. However before book your ticket please check with the airline to ensure no problem for handcarry meat products.

The best and easiest way to bring our products outside of Jakarta is by hand-carry with you on the flight. 
Cheaper compares to ship with freight-forwarder or cargo service (requires extra costs for lab-test and quarantines)
Ask for friends help who are about to fly out of Jakarta to hand-carry your order on their flight. 
It only cost you some extra luggage, for example Jakarta-Bali is around 25k/kg. 
From our experiences, no trouble to do so within Indonesia or some ASEAN countries because it is not illegal to hand carry food products. Anyhow some trouble at the airport could be just happened,... unpredictable.
    • Place your order with us a couple days prior to your departure from Jakarta so that we can prepare your order in no rush.
    • Please bewared, if your order contains pre-order items might take 3-5 days to get it available.
    • If you order chilled items, please also order frozen items as the frozen items will help to keep the chilled items cold.
  • PAYMENT METHOD (Credit card payment is not available)
    • Cash On Delivery (COD)
    • Money transfer via BCA bank or E-Wallet OVO
    • We will pack your order into styrofoam cool box right before we deliver to your address.
    • We will free deliver your order to an address within Jakarta areas on our work hours, apart of that delivery option at your cost with Gocar (Gojek delivery is not recommended as they are not reliable to carry the styrofoam box).
    • We highly recommend for you to purchase proper packaging for hand-carry frozen/chilled meat to the aircraft as the authority regulation also to keep the meat nice and cold during the trip.
      • Styrofoam cool box
      • Fitted outer carton box to avoid cool box from damage
      • Reusable ice gel (dry-ice is prohibited into the aircraft except shipment with freight forwarder)
    • We sell above items at value costs, please click on this link PACKAGING