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Before deciding to ship our meat product with cargo, we recommend you to read about hand-carry to the aircraft; cheaper, faster and mile less hassle on this link HAND-CARRY FROZEN MEAT TO THE AIRCRAFT
YES... it is expensive, takes days, lot of hassle and unfairness extra costs to ship with cargo.
Before asking question, please take your time to read this little novel how to ship with cargo as it is indeed complicated processes base on our years of experiences.
It contains anything you need to know.
When finally you okay to ship it with cargo, meaning you understood the process so we deserves NO COMPLAIN, thank you.
But if still confuse (blame on our bahasa-style's English) please feel free to ring us.
We have to mention this :
  • We Goodwins Butchery is only selling meat products.
  • We have no own cargo division, but we do have colleagues cargo that been collaborated with us since 2010. 
  • We prefer to work with them as we are 'well-synchronized' with their work flows (please note we do not take any commission from them)
  • They are also very reliable with the best freight cost ever compared to other services.​.. so far.​
  • Goodwins Butchery does not take responsibility of any delivery process or troubles that might be happened after the goods have been handed over to the courier​ ​; however, we can help to facilitate communications between you and the courier.
  • With your own cargo choice, please arrange it at your end.
  • With our colleague Food Freight Forwarder Services
    • We will arrange it for you.
    • You just sit and relax.
    • Or if you could speak sedikit bahasa, please say hello to them.
      1. BOS Cargo (Batavia Opas Service) they are cargo for HagenDasz ice cream
        • Kampung Kemang Jl. Damai Rt. 005/04 No. 1 Jati​ Bening Baru Pondok Gede-Bekasi 17412
        • +62218472725 - [email protected]
        • Contact :
          • Ibu Minuk (owner) +6281517456032 / +6281284942519
          • Ibu Erma +6281316788990
      2. PT. Stefany Jaya Sentosa Cargo
        • Jl. Gedong Panjang no. 68A, Penjaringan Jakarta Utara 14440
        • +62216690704 - - [email protected]
        • Contact Ibu Tini +6281297163392

You should place the order 5-7 days in advance needed the most for shipping documents.
It is non negotiable because cargo has to deal with government offices.
Will be invoiced by the cargo.
Below last 2 documents are always questioned by the customers ; why? what for? how come? really?
The answer is only God knows.
Yes we do not know, that's government rules !
And these cost is subject to change depend on flight season or government rules.
  1. Freight cost 
    • Charge per kilogram from Jakarta to your city/town.
    • Minimum weight 20kg.
  2. Lab-test issued by DINAS KESEHATAN (health department). How does it work ? 
    • We Goodwins requested by the cargo to provide all meat category product samples. 
    • Cargo take them to Dinas Kesehatan for laboratory tests to get what so called as LAB-TEST paper.
  3. Quarantine costs (below, prices are subject to change) will be charged for each category of meat to be shipped with cargo, for example if you purchase : 
    • Chicken leg and beef sausages, you will be charged for 2 quarantine costs poultry+beef = 550k
    • All category below, you will be charged for all 5 quarantine costs = 1500k (no matter if you only purchase a kilo each)
      • ​Beef ​     : ​250k
      • ​Lamb    : 250k
      • ​Poultry​  :​ 200k
      • ​Pork      : 550k
      • ​Seafood : 250k
Costs will be the combination of 2 ​invoices :
  1. Goodwins Butchery ​is ​for meat products, styrofoam and carton box.
  2. Cargo​ estimate costs (please see example at the bottom of this page)
    1. Freight cost​
    2. Dry ice and outer black master plastic​ (this is airline regulation)​
    3. La​b​-test
    4. Quarantine ​fee
Money transfer only via BCA bank or E-wallet DANA / OVO
Credit card payment is not available
  • Day-1, You placed the order ;
    • Cargo will be contacted to submit shipping documents on the next working day.
    • Goodwins will prepare your order and email the following invoices ;
      1. Goodwins 
        • Final-invoice for order contains all ready stock items.
        • Proforma-invoice for order contains pre-order to be available 2-5 working days.
      2. Cargo estimate costs.
  • Day-2 cargo submit shipping documents.
  • Day-3 is counted when :
    • Cargo got all shipping documents ready.
    • Goodwins have prepared all your order including the pre-order items.
    • Payment transfer is completed for both invoices.
  • Day-4
    • Cargo will collect the package from our place in the afternoon between 3-4pm to be dropped at the Quarantine warehouse in Jl. Gunung Sahari North Jakarta to sit there overnight.
    • Once the packages are collected :
      • Goodwins will email pictures taken before and after the carton is/are sealed.
      • Goodwins's Delivery Note and your Purchase Order documents will be inside carton No.1 (if your order is more than 1 carton)
      • Each carton is marked with signs to handle with care, your name, phone number and address.
    • In normal circumstances if the package is handled with care / not under direct sunlight etc; frozen or chilled products in our cool box will survive to the other side up to 48 hours (with dry ice)
  • Day-5
    • The package will be transported from quarantine warehouse to the airport, normally will be scheduled for the earliest / first flight of the day.
    • The package will arrive at the destination airport on the same day.
    • Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) to your address is depend on :
      • Freight and custom clearance at your local airport.
      • Distance of your location from your local airport, for example in normal process ;
        1. Jakarta-Bali with direct flight, 2 hours.
          • ETA Bali around 9am + 3 hours custom clearance = be out of the airport by 12am.
          • Then transported to cargo local office by 1pm.
          • Then will be delivered to your address. You will receive the package around 2-5pm.
        2. Jakarta-Timika with 2 flights +/- 10-12 hours including transit time.
          • ETA Timika 4-6pm, package will spend the night at the airport.
          • On the next morning, cargo will collect the package from the airport to be transported to their local office.
          • Then will be delivered to your address. You will receive the package around midday.
        3. Jakarta-Sangata, direct flight from Jakarta-Balikpapan 2.5 hours + land transport Balikpapan-Sangata 7-8 hours.
          • ETA Balikpapan 10am + 3 hours custom clearance = be out of the airport by 1pm.
          • Then transported to cargo local office by 2pm, package will spend the night at local cargo office to be transported to your city/town on the next morning.
          • You will receive the package around 3-5pm.
    • Please inform us the approximate time to travel from your local airport to your place. This is important as we experienced with one of our customer's location only about 150km from the airport but in reality it took about 8 hours to get there because the bad road condition. This case will delay the time of delivery that might cause the frozen meat badly defrosted also will be charged extra cost by the cargo separately.
Packaging to ship frozen meat with cargo (authority regulation)
- Styrofoam cool box
- Fitted outer carton box
- Reusable ice gel (dry-ice is prohibited into the aircraft except shipment with freight forwarder)
We sell above items at value costs, please click on this link 
Jl. Pribadi 3 Rt.004 Rw.004 No. 95. Andara Raya, Pangkalan Jati Baru - Cinere - Depok 16513
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OPEN EVERYDAY 08.00 - 16.00 except big public holidays
Jl. Pribadi 3 Rt.004 Rw.004 No. 95. Andara Raya, Pangkalan Jati Baru - Cinere - Depok 16513
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