Chicken Natural Poultry BROILER @900gr (price/pc)

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  • NATURAL POULTRY Chickens are from Indonesia (Indonesian breed Chicken) are grown organically and fed with lactobacillus (probiotic) which cultivated by our experts.
  • NATURAL POULTRY chickens also take JAMU (Indonesian natural herbs drink) that contains of natural antioxidants in lieu of antioxidant drugs and fat hormones.
  • We called NATURAL POULTRY the first healthier chickens in Indonesia, low fat with high protein. It will be taste good even without fried or any seasoning.
More than 50 years, antibiotics are injected into chickens, to make chicken healthier and to accelerate its growth. Nowadays, after a lot of searches in some of countries, antibiotics are not suitable for animals- especially for chickens European countries and some of States of America forbid antibiotics for animals.
Probiotic are good micro-organism that helps body to limit the time and place from bad micro-organism that deserve body. Probiotic itself has some function to maintain the balance of probiotic micro-ecosystem in the digestive system, then every chickens that bred by probiotic ways have better immune system and certainly healthier.
Probiotics NATURAL POULTRY chicken is a chicken who do not only consume the bacteria Lactobacillus, but also herbs such as palm juice, saffron, honey, ginger, turmeric, brotowali, etc., So that the fat content is only 9.15% or lower than usual chicken containing 21% -25%. Due to the low fat content, the content of cholesterol is also low. Lower the amount of cholesterol in the body Probiotics NATURAL POULTRY chicken make its protein content becomes greater, if Natural NATURAL POULTRY contains 19% protein, the usual chicken contains 17% protein.
NATURAL POULTRY probiotic chicken contains a lot of good materials that is good for our body, and taste good without any seasoning.


  • Defrost slowly in the chiller / fridge over night. Leave it in its plastic pack.
  • Before grilling / cooking (depend on the size of the meat) take them out of the fridge till fully defrosted or reached room temperature.
  • Frozen meat to be fully defrosted should sit in the room temperature ;
    • Steak cuts, about 2 hours
    • Whole cut meat weight about 2-3 kg, need at least 4-5 hours
    • Whole cut meat weight about 4-5 kg, need at least 7-8 hours
    • Lamb carcass weight about 10-12 kg, need a good whole day
  • Defrosting with microwave is NOT recommended
  • How long can we keep frozen meat and still be edible? If constantly below -18 C,  years! If it thaws and re-freezes, this will be compromised and molds will grow on it which are harmless although its not a good look.