Packaging CARTON BOX ONLY (fitted box for medium styrofoam box L/52 W/38 H/35 cm)

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Rp 12.500,-

Packaging for items to ship using cargo service or handcarry to the aircraft. 

  • Styrofoam cool box (esky)
    • Medium size 35x36x52 cm, weight 0.32kg. 
    • Our esky has met Garuda Indonesia standards for carrying frozen/chilled products on aircraft.
  • Carton Box
    • Fitted size to cover the esky to prevent damage during transport. 
    • Weight 1.2kg
  • What is inside the esky ?
    • We will put master plastic bag F.O.C inside the esky as the base to avoid leakage.
    • Frozen items will be placed at the bottom of the esky.
    • Chilled items will be placed on top of the frozen items. It will be wrapped with newspaper and sealed.
  • ICE
    • We provide some ice blocks in plastic to go with it (free of charge)
    • We also sell reusable ice gel therma-freeze at value price.
    • We do not provide dry ice as any carriage of dry ice on aircraft requires legal documents and official permission.
  • We will close the esky and tightly seal it as if nothing can break it except tsunami.
  • The last step is; the esky will be placed in a fitted carton box as per airline regulations to avoid damage (we use gudang garam box which has been a favourite box to go in the aircraft)
  • Each carton will be marked with signs to handle with care and your name, phone number and address on it.
  • In normal circumstances (if the package is handled with care / not under direct sunlight etc); frozen or chilled products in our esky will survive to the other side up to 36 hours, the sooner it gets there the better.
  • As soon as it get to destination;
    • Please unpacked and place it straight to the chiller or freezer immediately without any delay !
    • For the chilled beef loin cuts, please pay extra attention by refer to this link About our BEEF​