Calamari SQUID TUBE cumi tabung IQF (Individual Quickly Frozen) price/pack 1kg 6-8pcs

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Our homemade youtube video from pictures taken c/ 2010-2022

IQF (Individually Quickly Frozen) BLAST FROZEN PRODUCTS

  • BLAST FROZEN or FLASH FREEZING (wikipedia) refers to the process in various industries whereby objects are quickly frozen by subjecting them to cryogenic temperatures.
  • For example, flash freezing is used in the food industry to quickly freeze perishable food items. In this case, food items are subjected to temperatures well below water's melting/freezing point (32°F or 0°C), causing the water inside the foods to freeze in a very short period without forming large crystals, thus avoiding damage to cell membranes.
  • In easy words, blast frozen product quality nearly as good as fresh product once it thawed.


  • Defrost slowly in the chiller / fridge over night. Leave it in its plastic pack.
  • Before grilling / cooking (depend on the size of the meat) take them out of the fridge till fully defrosted or reached room temperature.
  • Frozen meat to be fully defrosted should sit in the room temperature ;
    • Steak cuts, about 2 hours
    • Whole cut meat weight about 2-3 kg, need at least 4-5 hours
    • Whole cut meat weight about 4-5 kg, need at least 7-8 hours
    • Lamb carcass weight about 10-12 kg, need a good whole day
  • Defrosting with microwave is NOT recommended
  • How long can we keep frozen meat and still be edible? If constantly below -18 C,  years! If it thaws and re-freezes, this will be compromised and molds will grow on it which are harmless although its not a good look.