Beef eye fillet / tenderloin / has dalam - US choice IBP / Swift - STEAK-CUT (equals to wagyu beef mbs 4-5)

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Rp 545.000,-

All of our beef comes from famous branded beef mostly imported from Australia, Brasil, Spain, USA and some others from local brands that use young live cattle imported from Australia, fattened and processed in Indonesia, produced and managed by Australia PMA companies WE DO NOT SELL NON-BRAND MEAT PRODUCT

This is US BEEF, all are FROZEN because they're shipped by boat from the otherside of the planet :) 

  • This item is sold as 1 piece to be custom cut with bandsaw right before we deliver to you, 1 work day notice.
  • Length vary 17-20 inch
  • Cutting recommendation; for weight is 200 gr/steak or for thickness is 1.5 - 2 inch, please leave note when CHECK OUT
  • Packaging : individually vacuumed plastick pack

How to handle frozen meat

  • Defrost slowly in the chiller / fridge over night. Leave it in its plastic pack.
  • Before grilling / cooking (depend on the size of the meat) take them out of the fridge till fully defrosted or having reached room temperature.
  • Average time needed for frozen meat to be fully defrosted should sit at room temperature ;
    • Beef steak cuts, about 2 hours
    • Whole cut meat weight 2-3 kg, need at least 4-5 hours
    • Whole cut meat weight 4-5 kg, need at least 7-8 hours
    • Lamb carcass weight 12-15 kg, need a good whole day
  • Defrosting with microwave is NOT recommended
  • How long can we keep beef frozen and still be edible? If constantly below -18 C,  years! If it thaws and re-freezes, this will be compromised and molds will grow on it which are harmless although its not a good look.
  • DO NOT RE-FREEZE defrosted meat !