17 May 2018

Dear Valued Customers,
Ini Yenny (butcher and owner).
Hope this finds you well.
Yesterday, we're blessed by generous customers donation to share SUPER VALUED PROTEIN PACKAGES to some unfortunate people contains beef, chicken and rice. Not much,... but more than enough to put beautiful smile on their faces.
It was so beautiful that we want to keep continue doing it.
Goodwins Butchery is committed to provide this valued protein package, it's non profit.
As we all know protein is good for our health especially children.
This was direct reported by an orphanage management we used to supported with beef. 
Within a year, children health improved so much that make them have glowing and shiny skin, hair, nails, teeth etc plus it also help to cut down their medicine expenses.
If you want to share but do not know to who, we can find them for you.
We do all the work to provide the packages.
You just sit, relax, pay and enjoy the joyous of the give away direct to their hands (it's the vitamin for our souls)
Valued proteins for charity recommendation
To do this VALUED PROTEIN PACKAGE it requires a minimum purchase a carton of frozen beef.
We do not stock these items but we can provide it by give us a week notice.
You may share the cost with friends and relatives.
  1. Beef 85CL 
    • Australia frozen imported beef.
    • Require a minimum purchase of 1 carton weight +/-28 kg.
    • Comes as bulk from various beef cuts, normally to be used for beef mince.
    • Contains about 80% of beef and 20% of fat and tendons.
    • We'll help to portion cut it with bandsaw becomes 30 pcs, weight +/- 900 gr vacuumed pack.
    • Good for slow dishes; curry, casserole, soto, soup, rawon etc
    • Rp. 90,000 / kg
  2. SoGood whole small chicken
    • Chilled
    • +/- 1 kg/chicken
    • Rp. 46,000 / kg (fluctuate price)
    • We'll give discount for minimum order of 30 chicken to match the quantity of beef packs.
​Any question please contact me directly at 08111977711
Kind regards,

30 April 2018
Dear Valued Customers,
We are soon heading for Ramadhan and Idul Fitri well known as BULAN BERBAGI (month of sharing).
For any of you who would like to 'share' with the unfortunate people that you care, Goodwins Butchery provides some Ramadhan on special from today till June 14th 2018.
They are portioned cuts as +/- a kilo pack, frozen, great for local dishes; curry, rendang, opor, soto, rawon etc
  1. (RAMADHAN PROMO) PREMIUM Beef "S" Portioned BLADE For Curry/Casserole, Kooyong By Elders Beef Rp 175.000,- Rp 150.000,-/kg
  2. (RAMADHAN PROMO) PREMIUM Beef "S" Portioned SHANK For Curry/Casserole, Kooyong By Elders Beef Rp 180.000,- Rp 150.000,-/kg
Notes : 
For big quantity order more than 50kg, please place the order latest 2 weeks before Idul Fitri to ensure we have enough stock.
Kind regards,

Goodwins Butchery