Fyi, We do not have any of the famous SANTORI SAUSAGES since October 2017 as the supplier stopped the production for the unknown reason.

We will inform once they're back in stock.

Dear Valued Customers,

This new year we have NEW ITEMS to support a HEALTHY LIFE style.
We collaborated with NATURAL POULTRY with their 2 main products The ​NATURAL POULTRY CHICKEN & The AYAM KAMPUNG.

1. NATURAL POULTRY CHICKEN is the Indonesian breed Chicken (ayam broiler / ayam negeri) that grown organically and fed with lactobacillus (probiotic) which cultivated by their experts. NATURAL POULTRY chicken also fed with JAMU (Indonesian natural herbs drink) that contains natural antioxidants in lieu of antioxidant drugs and fat hormones. They claimed NATURAL POULTRY is the first healthier chicken in Indonesia, low fat with high protein.

  • GOODWINS done some cooking test. We grilled the breasts boneless by only adding salt and pepper and we found out that the NATURAL POULTRY CHICKEN is much more tastier with finer fiber texture.
  • The only downside of this product is the SIZE, it is indeed SMALL 800-900gr only as the result of their food are all natural without growth hormone adding.
  • Fyi, this chicken breast boneless weighed only 75g while the standard broiler chicken is 125gr. If 1 piece of this natural poultry chicken is not enough, simply take 2 pieces or 3 :)
  • We also cooked this chicken for soup. Only takes few minutes the chicken is well cooked and we are proudly stated the taste was very delicious​, please have a try!​

2. The AYAM KAMPUNG NATURAL POULTRY is the chicken breed originally from Indonesia, raised by returning to their own natural habits and behavior. Their food made from materials which contains non chemical fertilizers as well as other types of chemicals. The Ayam Kampung NATURAL POULTRY were fed with lactobacillus (probiotic) and drink Indonesian natural herbs drink that we know as JAMU, to substitute antibiotics and hormones.

  • GOODWINS done some cooking test too.
  • Skinny chicken but the local people loves it for curry, soto and soup.
  • For western dish, this chicken is good for soup or casserole (slow cook) as the meat texture is a bit tougher but mile tastier than broiler chicken. Please have a try too!

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