INFORMATION --- 2 February 2019

Dear Valued Customers,
Another special option for FEBRUARY ON SPECIAL
1. AACO Australia imported RIBEYE WAGYU marbling-3 as attached images, freshly taken with our own camera.
  • One of the best wagyu beef brand name from Australia as we used to sell this item some years ago.
  • Certified wagyu beef, well-aged, generously marbling eventho mbs-3 which is the lowest marbling in the wagyu family... and with 'good price' compares to the other wagyus. 
  • This could be the item to replace the Killara wagyu sirloin we sold couple months ago. The marbling might not be as much as Killara's sirloin but it is ... RIBEYE and WAGYU !!
  • Available as ;
    • Chilled whole cut; 5-6 kg
    • Frozen family roast cut; +/- 1.7 kg (4 inch thick)
    • Steak cuts, please bewared they're big steaks !!!
      • 3/8" 190 gr/slice
      • 3/4" 300 gr/slice
      • 1" 450 gr/slice
      • 2" 900 gr/slice
2. The new Australia imported ribeye beef brand called SOUTHERN GRANDE.
    • This is the normal ribeye grade "S" or steer like other brands i.e Teys, Midfield, Harvey etc.
    • They're well-aged, please check this link BEEF
    • Available as ;
      • Chilled whole cut; 4kg
      • Frozen family roast cut; +/- 1.2 kg (4 inch thick)
      • Steak cuts ;
        • 3/8" 100 gr/slice
        • 3/4" 170 gr/slice
        • 1" 250 gr/slice
        • 2" 450 gr/slice
(Should you wish for other thickness or weight, please do let us know before Saturday the day of our cutting production)
We wish you  ...
A very Happy Lunar New Year 2019
Gong Xi Fat Cai
Kind regards,
Yenny & Anatia


INFORMATION --- 29 January 2019

Dear Valued Customers,
February is known as 'the month of love' plus the Chinese New Year.
Goodwins got some loves from our generous suppliers to support the for ITEMS ON SPECIAL 
  1. T-Bone steak with the shape of heart, hopefully to bring love and luck to the year of Boar 2019.
  2. Kooyong Elders PRIMERIB, 70 days dry-aged. Now, available in different cuts ;
    • 7 ribs, whole cut weight 7-9kg
    • 4 and 3 ribs weight +/- 4kg
    • 2 ribs weight +/- 2kg
    • 1 rib +/- 1kg
  3. All Australian Meltique beef cuts (whole cut, family roast cut, steak and slice) ;
    • Ribeye
    • Sirloin
  4. US imported Farmland pork Berkshire
    • Sparerib
    • Tenderloin / fillet
    • Belly boneless is no stock from the supplier at the moment. As soon as its available we will also add this item for February on special.
  5. And do not miss to get our January on special which will last till end of this month (all Australian Teys Ribeye cuts; whole chilled cut, family roast cut, steak and slice)   
NOTES : Our ON SPECIAL ITEMS are not bad items, on special price because of the support from our suppliers.
Kind regards,
Yenny & Anatia

Goodwins Butchery