​​19 July 2017

Dear Valued Customers,

We added some valued steak cuts to complete our range of steak products, the Australia beef Ribeye and Sirloin steak "A".
  1. VALUED Beef Steak SIRLOIN "A", Australia Imported Beef Rp 195.000,-/kg
  2. VALUED Beef Steak RIBEYE "A", Australia Imported Beef Rp 245.000,-/kg
Many of our customers used to asked why our beef steaks are kind of more expensive than modern markets?
They asked about beef steak "A", is that the same type of steaks that we sell?
The answer is a BIG NO because we only sell beef steak "S".
Therefore we decided to also sell the beef steak "A" to complete our steaks range, which is way away cheaper than our famous beef steak "S".
  • Beef steak "A" is from random size and age of the cattle.
  • The size of the steak could be smaller or bigger than the steak "S" (please see below)
  • Beef steak "A" also vary in fat colour from white to light or dark yellow. 
  • Our beef steaks "A" are from branded Australia imported beef whole cut that have been frozen from the country of origin.
  • We do the process by portioned steak cut with bandsaw 2cm thickness then individually vacuumed pack.
  • They're pack in a kilo bag
  • Please note: We do NOT do the aging process as we receive them in frozen condition straight from the supplier
  • These beef steaks "s" are that famous GOODWINS BUTCHERY STEAKS we have been selling to you since.
  • They are from Australia imported chilled beef that packed securely in original CRYOVAC vacuum plastic bags with their own label inside the bag or sticker on top of the bag.
  • They NEVER been frozen nor repacked !
  • We "aged" them well. This means, the beef has spent a certain period of time in a chiller at temperatures -1 to 2 degrees Celsius. Aging beef increases its tenderness and improves its taste, providing a stronger flavour. Most of our aged beef process is WET AGED. This process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the type and cut of the meat, as well as the desired end flavour and tenderness. We are experienced in handling the product and do so with knowledge, care and love.
  • When the beef is well-aged, we take them out from its original CRYOVAC vacuum plastic bag, rinsing off the juice/blood with filtered water (our water filter is provided by YUKI and it is their claim that YUKI filters provide water that can be drunk directly without needing to boil it), wrapping the beef in cling wrap neatly and tightly before freezing it. Once it is fully frozen we cut it into steaks or family size roasts using a band saw, individually vacuum pack it and then freeze straight away.

Goodwins Butchery