Santori Thick HERB GARLIC Sausages 700 gr - frozen

Brand: JAPFA - PT. Santosa Agrindo
Product Code: 10004
Price is charged: per tray 700 gr
Packaging: Tray pack with cling wrapped
Quantity: 8 pcs / tray
Availability: In Stock
Rp 83.300,-

  • Our famous Australia style beef SANTORI SAUSAGES are produced and supplied by PT. SANTOSA AGRINDO the sister company of big name JAPFA
  • 2 of 4 sausages items are CERTIFIED as GLUTEN FREE; the BRATWURST and HERB GARLIC
  • For the best result when grilling our delicious sausages and to avoid the skin/casing breakage;
    • Defrost slowly in the fridge overnight in its tray. DO NOT remove the plastic wrap!
    • About 2-3 hours before grilling, take them out until fully defrosted or reached room temperature.
    • Boil the water, par boil them slowly for about 1 minute. Its just to get the skin firm and warm which will minimize skin/casing breakage.
    • Place them into a container and leave them in the room temperature.
    • Grill with medium heat, over heated grill can break the skin.
    • When grilling, put them inline so that the shape will stay straight not bend.
    • Do not spike with a knife or fork during grilling as you loose all the juiciness of the sausage​.